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    SQL Script Builder v1.6.4.28 Empty SQL Script Builder v1.6.4.28

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    SQL Script Builder v1.6.4.28 Oto7ci77cwh794uox8u1
    SQL Script Builder is powerful software that create a SQL script (or
    dump file) or database file, from any ODBC data source, a script that
    can be used on your DBMS (database management system) or uploaded on a
    server. The script produced will create the table and the records.
    Scripts are available in 5 formats ; MySql, MS SQL, Oracle, Pervasive
    and PostgreSQL , and files comes in Access mdb, Excel csv and MS xml.
    SQL Script Builder is very simple to use, you just have to double click
    the database and the table from the tree view.

    SQL Script
    Builder can be used for example to convert your Access database to
    MySql database, or MySql database to MS SQL database and vice versa.
    You don’t have to transfer all database, you can if you wish only
    import one table at a time. There’s no limits, all you need is the ODBC
    driver for the database you wish to import from. ODBC is a universal
    interface, almost every database provider support it.

    may be a wide variety of tools that can migrate your database, without
    the use of SQL language, but these may not establish a successful
    connection between databases because of versions compatibility. With
    SQL Script Builder once you have established your source ODBC
    connection and generated the script, you can be sure this script will
    work on the target database because the scripts are universal. An other
    great thing to consider is that SQL scripts can also constitute a
    backup file of your database.

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