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    Post  hirushan on Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:22 am

    DarkAvengard Crypter
    (Open source Code Crypter > p0ke >> Moded)
    h4ck-y0u.org crypter by DuSTY
    L0rD Crypter by haZl0oh
    AT4RE aSm Protecter 1.0 by Mouradpr
    AverCryptor 1.02 beta by os1r1s
    Cryptic 2.1 by Tughack
    Crew Crypter by North-Team
    Mortal Team Crypter 2.0 by Ras
    NOmeR1 by NOmeR1 and P.S.
    Poly! Crypt 2.8 by BUNG
    PowerCrypt 2.0 by N47RON
    Private Krypt 1.0 beta by t0pP8uZz
    PE Protector 0.9.2 CRYPToCRACK's by Lukas Fleischer
    Russian Cryptor 1.0 by master3
    SimbiOZ 2.1 by Extranger
    Snoop Crypt by snoop
    Zelda Crypt by snoop
    WinOfCrypt 1.0 by DarkPressure
    X-Crypter 1.2 Security-Bypass Version mod by Mareek
    X-Crypter 1.2 Private Version by x-zer0
    Break-Into-Pattern, a.k.a BIP, v.0.1 by Icingtaupe (ASM source)
    Crypter v.3.1 by SLESH 2007 (Delphi source)
    FFC v.1.6 Public by Juza
    File Crypter Pro by Aphex (Delphi source)
    GKrpto v.1.0 by User-99
    Open Source Code Crypter v.1.0 by p0ke (Delphi source)
    Open source file crypter (ass crypter) by assoftware (Delphi source)
    Pecrypt by archphase (Delphi source)
    Pscrambler v.1.2 by p0ke (Delphi source)
    Smokes Crypter v1.2 (Delphi source)
    Cigicigi File Crypter v1.0 by turkojan
    iPBProtect v0.1.5 beta [Fuck] by Forgat
    MaskPE v.2.0 by yzkzero
    PEncrypt v.4.0 by JunkCode
    Perplex v.1.01dev by BliZZaRD
    SkD Undetectabler 2.0beta by skdrat
    ExeSax v.0.9.1 GUI
    VB-PE-Crypt 1.0 by Flo
    UnderGround Crypter v.1.0 by Booster2ooo
    Daemon Crypt v.2 Public by Evil_Inside
    SCE v.0.5 (Silly Chr Encrypter) by sevenC
    SSE v.0.5 (Simple Streverse Encryption) by sevenC
    Vbsencrypter v.0.01 by K
    File Crypter by valdir_salgueiro (from brasil - source code included)
    RCryptor by Vaska - included versions 1.1+1.3+1.3b+1.4+1.5+1.6b+1.6d
    iNF[CRYPT] by LESHIY & [nht]
    CryptoFilez v.2.0 by Mr.Ded
    Morphnah Beta2 by pyccxak.com Kas
    Pohernah v.1.0.2 by pyccxak.com Kas
    Pohernah v.1.0.3 by pyccxak.com Kas
    RPolyCrypt v.1.0b by Vasca
    StrAnGe CrYpTeR by TiPiaX (source code included)
    DalKrypt v1.0 by DalKiT (source code included)
    fEaRz Crypter v.1.0 beta1 by fEaRz
    Icrypt v.1.0 by BuGGz
    Minke v.1.0.1 by Codius
    Scramble Tool v0.2.3b By System33r (k0nsl)
    USC by p0ke - included versions 1.2D+2.1+2.1.1+Patch for 2.1.1
    NoodleCrypt 2 by NoodleSpa
    Werus Crypter v.1.0 Public version by pyccxak.com Kas


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