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    C# in Depth : eBooks collection 2hdcutt

    C# in Depth is a completely new book designed to propel existing C#
    developers to a higher level of programming skill. One simple principle
    drives this book: explore a few things deeply rather than offer a
    shallow view of the whole C# landscape. If you often find yourself
    wanting just a little more at the end of a typical chapter, this is the
    book for you. Expert author Jon Skeet dives into the C# language,
    plumbing new C# 2 and 3 features and probing the core C# language
    concepts that drive them. This unique book puts the new features into
    context of how C# has evolved without a lengthy rehearsal of the full C#
    language. C# in Depth briefly examines the history of C# and the .NET
    framework and reviews a few often-misunderstood C# 1 concepts that are
    very important as the foundation for fully exploiting C# 2 and 3.
    Because the book addresses C# 1 with a light touch, existing C#
    developers don't need to pick through the book in order to find new
    material to enhance their skills. This book focuses on the C# 2 and 3
    versions of the language, but clearly explains where features are
    supported by changes in the runtime (CLR) or use new framework classes.
    Each feature gets a thorough explanation, along with a look on how you'd
    use it in real life applications. C# in Depth is both a vehicle for
    learning C# 2 and 3 and a reference work. Although the coverage is
    in-depth, the text is always accessible: You'll explore pitfalls that
    can trip you up, but you'll skip over gnarly details best left to the
    language specification. The overall effect is that readers become not
    just proficient in C# 2 and 3, but comfortable that they truly
    understand the language.

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