Gas Attack in Colombo VERY SOOOOONNNNNNN.......


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    Gas Attack in Colombo VERY SOOOOONNNNNNN....... Empty Gas Attack in Colombo VERY SOOOOONNNNNNN.......

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    Dear All Friends TO BE ALERT ..

    According to latest Intelligence reports, the LTTE has decided to attack both military and civilian targets in the South to disrupt civilian life as much as possible. MI warns of an LTTE plan to attack several major cities simultaneously including Colombo and cause widespread panic and fear among civilians.







    Buses and Railway

    Kandy-bus stand and railway station


    The WTC twin towers,


    harbour and

    the city of Kandy

    are said to be among primary targets of the LTTE. According to MI, LTTE intelligence cadres 'disguised as beggars', differently-abled people and sales representatives have already been

    deployed to gather intel on these targets...

    Send this to all your relatives & friends in Sri Lanka and inform them to be alert.






    Gas Attack in Colombo VERY SOOOOONNNNNNN.......

    Its always beyond our comprehension, it's unimaginable sometimes. But it always happened making us helpless and ashamed. Our defenses denied LTTE having aircrafts. Proclaimed to shoot them down the moment they are airborne. Blamed people like Iqbal Athas as traitors for reporting it. But now it has become a fact, they managed to invade our airspace six times and escape without a scratch.

    Recently media reported that LTTE is planning to use chemical weapons. Our defenses denied it bluntly, weeks after that they attacked our army using chemical weapons. Well its said to be none lethal version, CS gas. But this news is startling. It's reported that some of our soldiers became ill after that.

    What if LTTE use these weapons on civilians, CS gas in a fully packed bus could be lethal enough to kill many innocent people. Or they could even use a lethal gas like Chlorine.Like in Japan.LTTE will only have minor effect on our army. If they use gas in open areas .Chemical weapons are successful only if they are deployed in large amounts, Possibly from air. But there is a possibility of LTTE using chemical weapons on civilians. Government should take necessary steps in advising the public of ways to survive a gas attack.

    Lets not wait to close the gate after the horse has run away. These are some ways to survive Mustard or chlorine attack.

    Chlorine Gas

    1.Yellow,green gas with the strong smell of bleach might be chlorine
    2.Move quickly into an area with clean air
    3. try to hold your breath until you move away.
    3. Don't stay indoors
    4. Move to higher ground ( chlorine is denser than air)
    5. Urinate on a cloth and hold it to your nose (urine crystallize chlorine, this could be very useful . for our army).
    6. Remove cloths which touched the gas.
    7. Do not vomit.
    8. Wash your body throughly.
    9. Stay calm, panicking may increase the amount of gas that you inhale
    10. Don't try to cover your kids face, try to cover your nose first
    then you can help the kids

    Mustard Gas

    1. Burning or itching on the skin or onion smell gas is a sign of musted gas
    2.Move to higher ground
    3.Cover your skin to avoid burning
    4. Do not vomit, drink milk
    5. Wash your body throughly.

    If you have any other information please add-up, Can anyone translate this into sinhala and tamil post in a blog, or circulate among people. It Could be useful, lets not wait until the government do it, they are always late.

    Dear All,

    Please take all possible preventive measures on the interest of security in your work places, homes, markets, schools, banks, vehicles, trains, bus stops, temples, churches or where ever you move out. It may be on the road during your day to day business in the future because, information has been received that very serious calamity is been planed out by the LTTE to cause in the south or central, in the coming period.

    Take care of your children more than any other times and educated all inmates of homes, office,schools or else where.

    Special attention have to be taken for those in the security services and their homes etc.

    Please educate all your friends and relations on this to take adequate care to avoid mass escalations to human lives and their properties.

    if any suspicious person even a beggar is noticed by you, take steps quickly to inform security authorities and the people around.

    See mail below for your interest.

    With best regards

    Caesar Ranaweera,

    Contingent Commander for Sri Lanka ,
    Team Leader/ Internal Evaluation Unit,
    Police Commissioner's Office,
    United Nations Mission in Timor Leste
    Caicoli, Obrigado,
    Tel: +670-3312210 Ext. 4606
    Mobile : + 670-7319012
    Via Australia +61(8)89463900 Ext.4607
    Via NY+212-9630099 Ext 4607

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